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Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children Procedures
A core function of OSCP is developing policies and procedures for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. We have adopted the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children procedures.

If you cannot find a particular policy or procedure below please download the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children Manual. 

Please add this to your desktop and sign up to the alerts, so that you will be notified when procedures have been reviewed or written.

Key policies and procedures

National guidance

Oldham Domestic Abuse Policy and Strategy
The strategy and policy have been approved and accepted by the Domestic Abuse Partnership, Oldham Safeguarding Children’s Partnership and Oldham Safeguarding Adults Board. The strategy sets out Oldham's community and partnership approach to domestic abuse and identifies Oldham's boroughwide priorities. The policy aims to provide the framework of a consistent and effective response to tackling domestic abuse.



Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)
T: 0161 770 7777

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