Your child is missing

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What to do

If your child is missing or has run away from home you must contact the Police. Dial 999 in an emergency situation or call 101.

It’s thought that a quarter of children and young people who run away or are reported missing are at risk of serious harm. So Greater Manchester’s Safeguarding Partnership has teamed up with the charity ‘Missing People’ and their Runaway Helpline to let young people know there is somewhere they can turn for support and advice on staying safe.

Missing People is a charity dedicated to helping those missing and support for their friends and families. They have a free help-line available 24/7 for you to call or text - 116 000 or email

Oldham now use the Greater Manchester Missing Children service not the Children's Society, but they are happy to provide information and advice via the helpline on the above leaflets.

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