Violence at home

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Domestic violence

What is domestic violence and abuse?

Domestic Violence and abuse is when one person hurts or bullies another person who is or was their partner, or who is in the same family. 

It can happen when people live together or in different houses. 

When domestic abuse happens between grownups children can be affected by the abuse that they see and hear. Children can also be hurt or bullied as part of domestic abuse. If this is happening in your family, remember that you are not alone.

There is lots and lots of help out there. No one should have to put up with any kind of violence or abuse. Everyone has the right to feel safe - so if you are worried then ask for help.

Forced Marriage and Honour based abuse

There is a difference between an arranged marriage and a forced marriage.

Arranged Marriage: people have a choice about whether they want to get married.

Forced Marriage:  one or both people don't want to get married but feel like they are being pressured to by family members.

No one has the right to force you into marriage. It is illegal in the UK.

If you are worried about Forced Marriage or Honour Based abuse contact Project Choice on 0161 770 2999 for help and support.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

FGM happens when a girl’s private parts are removed or altered. FGM is abuse, and it’s illegal in the UK. 

It's very painful and can seriously harm the health of women and girls.

If you are worried about FGM contact Project Choice on 0161 770 2999 for help and support.

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