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Private fostering

Are you staying with a friend or a different family? / Is somebody else looking after you?

If you are aged up to 16 (up to 18 if you have a disability) and you are staying with someone other than your parents, aunt/uncles, grandparents or a sister/brothers for more than 4 weeks then we call it "private fostering".  It does not matter whether you decided to stay there or your parents have arranged it for you, it is still "private fostering".

Some examples of private fostering could be:

  • you're living with a friend’s family because your parents are splitting up or there are problems at home
  • you're parents have sent you to this country for school or to get medicine but they are still living in a different country
  • you're living with your boyfriend or girlfriend's family
  • you have broken ties with your parents and are staying with friends or non-relatives
  • you're living with host families whilst studying

If you think you may be privately fostered you need to let us know by telephone on 0161 770 7777.

What happens next?

A private fostering officer will contact you, and make sure that you're ok

The private fostering officer has to find out about the following:

  • How you are feeling about the situation
  • Are you being well cared for
  • Are you going to school
  • Are your carers and parents staying in contact
  • if you want to talk to anyone for support

We just need to make sure you are well and listen to you so please let us know.

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