Oldham OSCP has adopted the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children Board's policies and procedures: http://greatermanchesterscb.proceduresonline.com 

The Policy and Procedures Subgroup of the OSCP has multi-agency representation to support the review and continuous development of the Greater Manchester policies and procedures. 

The aim of the subgroup is: 

  • To ensure that policies and procedures for safeguarding children in Oldham are up to date and reflect current research and good practice.  All policies and procedures must be: 
    • Child Centred 
    • Rooted in child development 
    • Focused on outcomes for children 
    • Holistic in approach 
    • Ensuring equity of opportunity 
    • Involving of children and families when and where appropriate 
    • Building on strengths as well as weaknesses 
    • Multi/inter agency in approach 
    • A continuing process not an event 
    • Providing and reviewing policies informed by evidence 
  • To contribute to the cyclic review of Greater Manchester policies and procedures.
  • To review policies and procedures in response to learning arising from Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews, Multi-Agency Case Evaluations and Audit activity and make recommendations to the Greater Manchester policy and procedures group for amendments to existing policies and procedures.