Dear Colleagues,

Just a few words to convey to you my thanks for all your efforts and persistence in what undoubtedly has been an incredibly hard year. The demands for safeguarding people in a variety of vulnerable communities, challenged by the pandemic and the vicissitudes of what can and cannot be permitted, coupled with the demands on work colleagues to stay safe and be persistent in their effort and enthusiasm cannot be underestimated. That those demands have been carried overall and, in many instances, exceeded in their delivery is testimony to the strength of the Oldham partnerships and colleagues’ commitment to partnership working.

As we enter the Christmas period may I wish you all a well-earned and restful break and the hope that, despite the continuing turmoil caused by the current manifestations of Covid, the new year will bring a calmer environment in which you may continue to deliver on the many skills and abilities that you possess.

All good wishes,

Dr Henri Giller, Independent Chair of the Oldham Safeguarding Children ‘s Partnership and the Oldham Safeguarding Adults Board